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Nov 25
  • Violence

Supported by the California Endowment, this post is part of a series, "Galvanizing the Civic Sector to Reduce Gun Violence." The series focuses on what several sectors – parents, teens, schools, hospitals, law enforcement, the faith community, the philanthropic and business sectors, civic leaders and others – can do, independent of state and federal legislative activity, to reduce violence and…

Nov 21
  • Advocacy

Washington, DC is a transient city.  At least it feels that way to me, a transplant.  I moved to DC a little over two years ago, after spending a couple years in Chicago, and before that, Louisville.  When I meet people here, their first question typically is, “what do you do?”  But what quickly follows is, “where do you come from?” For a lot of people, the answer to the…

Nov 20
  • Housing

This post also appears on the blog of The Home Depot Foundation.

Last week in Seattle, NLC held its annual Congress of Cities and Exposition. More than 3,500 participants gathered to learn about the dynamic ways cities are driving change and finding solutions to the most pressing challenges facing local government. Among these challenges…

Nov 18
  • Health & Wellness
  • Exercise
  • Obesity

Everyone has a role to play in preventing childhood obesity, including local elected officials who serve as leaders in adopting policies or making environmental changes so children in their communities reach their full potential and live healthy lives.

Let’s Move! Executive Director Sam Kass and NLC President Mayor Marie Lopez Rogers of Avondale, Ariz. at the Let’s Move! Cities, Towns and…
Nov 13
  • Youth & Family
  • Education

This post is part of a special series of blogs inspired by NLC’s annual Congress of Cities and related events such as the National Summit on Your City’s Families. Children are born learners.  From infancy on, they approach the world with an innate curiosity.  With a twinkle in their eye they master the complexities of language, navigate familial, social and cultural expectations and…

Nov 08
  • Housing

Earlier this week as I approached the steps of our building, I noticed a man sitting against newspaper stands with a white cardboard sign that simply read “homeless vet.” Out of habit, I kept walking.  After less than 10 feet though, I was struck by what I knew was my obligation to honor his sacrifice by making sure he got the help he needed. Rob was an infantryman in the Army. Served in…

Nov 06
  • Afterschool

As far back as I can remember my mother worked late into the evening in order to make ends meet.  In our house, “making ends meet” meant paying our bills, keeping food on the table, and ultimately, providing me with a better life than she had. As you might imagine, that did not leave much room for afternoons at home with my mother. Instead she worked her 40 hours per week at a technical…

Nov 04
  • Federal
  • Nutrition

On November 1, tens of millions of Americans learned that the assistance they received from the federal government to purchase groceries was reduced. Maximum monthly benefits for a family of four fell from $668 to $632, and for a single person the maximum benefit fell from $200 to $189. Who is going to be effected by these cuts? This change is likely to affect nearly 48 million individuals,…

Nov 01
  • Education
  • Youth & Family

Last week’s initial meeting of the Opportunity Youth Network, a group of funders, corporations, the National Council of Young Leaders, and national organizations including NLC, provided an opportunity to confront a pressing national challenge:  how to reconnect one million of  the nation’s seven million “opportunity youth” with education and employment over the next two years. …

Oct 25
  • Neighborhoods
  • Transportation
  • Public Transit

This is the third in a series of blogs that will explore the impact TIGER grants have on local communities by helping them better leverage financing options, meet transportation safety goals, and increase overall quality of life by introducing alternative modes of transportation.  Click here for the first and second blogs in the series. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is an innovative, high…