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Apr 17
  • Environment & Sustainability

NLC’s delegation to Sweden and Germany kicked off the first day of the trip with a breakfast meeting with Ambassador Brzezinski, the U.S. Ambassador to Sweden, and representatives from U.S. businesses with a presence in Sweden.  In his opening remarks the Ambassador underscored the important relationships already present between Sweden and the United States including the Swedish American…

Apr 02
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation

This is the sixth in a seven-part series about mayors’ 2012 State of the City Speeches. As the rest of America waits for the Federal Government to get its act together and pass a comprehensive transportation bill, cities across the country are recognizing the opportunities that continued infrastructure improvements are having in their cities.  Leslie Wollack (@lawollack), Program Director…

Mar 30
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Food

“Do you eat food?” This was the question posed by Jim Embry, Director of the Lexington Sustainable Communities Network and local foods “jedi” (according to those in the local ‘food-know’) at the beginning of the Fourth Annual Local Foods Summit held last week in Lexington, KY. “Because if you eat food, you’re part of the food system” And thus began the three day event bringing together local…

Mar 02
  • Finance
  • Municipal Bonds

Christopher Hoene

For a moment I thought it was April Fool’s Day, not Leap Day.  Why? Former Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser, now with Governing, blogged on February 29 that Stockton, California’s plan to declare default on $2 million in debt payments might be evidence that Meredith Whitney’s 2010 prediction of 50-100 sizeable muni defaults in the year to follow, could…

Jun 13
  • Community & Housing
  • Neighborhoods
  • Placemaking

The term new urbanism brings about visions of the constructed reality of Truman Burbank—played by actor Jim Carey in the 1998 Hollywood movie, The Truman Show.  The movie depicts Burbank’s fabricated made-for-TV life in his made-for-TV small town and was filmed on location in Seaside, Florida. Seaside was master planned in the early ‘90s, and its design upholds the tenets of new urbanism…

Mar 07
  • Budget

This is the second in a seven-part series about mayors’ 2011 State of the City speeches. In a nation where fiscal responsibility is in the spotlight, and groups are grappling for funding, the “State of the City” addresses we read clearly show that city governments are in search of ways to balance their budgets. Unfortunately, all too often city employees bear the brunt of this course of action…

Mar 04

This is the first in a seven-part series about mayors’ 2011 State of the City speeches. From our office in Washington, D.C., NLC staff address local issues on behalf of city leaders from across the country.  We think we know where city leaders’ heads are, but how do they actually view their cities’ progress?  And more importantly, how are they setting the tone for the coming year?…

Jul 25
  • Environment & Sustainability

Sustainability. Cities are talking about it, many are doing it, public is demanding it, businesses are embracing it, even the federal government is taking steps to support and incorporate it into and across their agencies. And while “it” has been rising in popularity (few would argue that they’d prefer to live in or lead an unsustainable city), the challenges of defining and implementing …