Housing for Veterans with Disabilities

Veteran housing in Parma, Ohio
Veteran housing in Parma, Ohio
Cities like Parma, Ohio, are partnering with organizations such as Purple Heart Homes and The Home Depot Foundation to ensure aging veterans and those with service-connected disabilities have safe housing. (Photos: Purple Heart Homes)

When compared to non-veterans, veterans are more than twice as likely to have some form of a disability.

Whether their disability is related to their military service or due to veterans being more likely to be older than non-veterans, appropriate modifications are central to veterans being able to live in their own home.  

For veterans with service-connected disabilities, VA home modification programs include the Special Housing Adaption (SHA) program, the Specially Adapted Housing program (SAH), and the Home Improvement and Structural Alterations program (HISA). Veterans and their caretakers should be sure to ask for these programs specifically and can potentially partner with non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity or Rebuilding Together to help maximize the impact of their benefit.  

Another nationally recognized non-profit organization specializing in meeting the housing needs of service-connected veterans is Purple Heart Homes. See how Purple Heart Homes has worked with cities in Ohio and Connecticut