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City buildings

Mayor Mark Myers shares his insight and advice on how to grow your city's economy, attract business regardless of your city's size, and provide services to residents of all ages.

Can you please briefly explain what the best part of your job as Mayor is?

The best part of my job is learning something new each and every day. Hardly a day passes without learning more about our amazing city, its wonderful history and the extraordinary people who make Greenwood such a special place.

As a former police officer, coroner, deputy sheriff and volunteer firefighter, I’ve been serving the public for most of my professional career. Helping others was a lesson taught to me at an early age, and I’ve carried that through my entire life.

Finally, I take great pride in the opportunity to lead the city I’ve called home for nearly my entire life. Being the face of your community, in such a positive way, has been a reward all its own.

Mayor Mark Myers of Greenwood, IN
Mayor Mark Myers

How has NLC enriched your leadership skills and experience or how do you see NLC doing this for you?

The NLC is a tremendous organization, and my participation continues to provide several benefits. As a new leader in local government, I was able to gain knowledge on a number of key issues, primarily the importance of federal advocacy.

Well-organized training seminars have provided additional insight, and I look forward to continue taking advantage of these in the future.

The opportunity to network is also a great benefit. Hearing from other mayors, town managers and municipal leaders – the sharing of ideas, problems and solutions – leads to better cities across the entire country.

What advice do you have for newly elected officials and/or recently appointed city staff?

Again, I go back to learning, both through NLC trainings and networking with other leaders. The information you will learn from your peers is priceless, so make the time to continue learning each day.

What advice do you have for small to mid-sized cities looking to invest in economic development projects such as Greenwood has?

Relationships are key, beginning with your LEDO (Local Economic Development Organization) and local chamber of commerce. These organizations have their ear to the ground and can often identify potential opportunities early in the process.

Get your City’s name out there, and make sure you communicate the things that make your community unique. What is your identity? What are the authentic elements that make your city a great place to live, work and play?
Tell your story effectively, and interest will follow.

What’s next for Greenwood? What are some projects or initiatives we can look forward to in your time in office?

We’ve been quite busy in Greenwood lately. Our re-imagined Community Center represents everything we’re doing to positively impact the quality of life in Greenwood. We celebrated the facility’s grand re-opening this January.

The entire space was completely renovated and now features two innovative and distinctive zones.

Kid City - Greenwood, IN

“Kid City” is a leading interactive play zone for children and families. A two-story Luckey Climber, wall-sized Lite Brite and musical playground are just a few of the many art and STEM-inspired play opportunities.

The Gym - Greenwood, IN

“The Gym” was built to accommodate both the high-level athlete and your average health-conscious citizen. Featuring a modern setting, state-of-the-art equipment and a diverse offering of fitness classes, “The Gym” has become a driver for improved community health and wellness.

I believe there are four pillars key to any successful city:  Public Safety, Infrastructure, Quality of Life and Economic Development. Everything we do leads back to one of these areas, and our focus has proven to be quite successful.Greenwood also recently purchased several acres for redevelopment in the heart of downtown. In what will soon be the former home of Greenwood Middle School, the city has a rare opportunity to transform and development prime land with unlimited potential. The property is still being studied, and we will soon roll out our plans for the future.

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