Resilience in San Antonio, TX

The City of San Antonio recently adopted SA Tomorrow, a three-in-one planning initiative consisting of a new Comprehensive Plan, Sustainability Plan, and Multimodal Transportation Plan. Through the Leadership in Community Resilience program, NLC will work with the city and other partners to inform, and learn from, the community about local resilience challenges and opportunities, as well as identify new planning practices and procedures that are more inclusive, participatory, and essential to community resilience. The overall goal is to raise awareness about the importance of resilience and empower the community to provide constructive and meaningful input into how these new plans are carried out over time.

Threats and Hazards

State of Texas natural hazards include tornadoes, floods, extreme heat, wildfires and regular coastal hurricane with at least one major disaster declared nearly every year. Texas' Gulf Coast averages about three tropical storms or hurricanes every four years. According to the National Climate Assessment, the number of days with the hottest temperatures is projected to increase dramatically and by mid-century (2041-2070), the "projected change in number of days exceeding those hottest temperatures is greatest in the western areas and Gulf Coast."