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The NLC Distinguished Service to Cities Award, established in 2014, is given annually to a partner of the National League of Cities (NLC) for making a significant contribution to building stronger, more innovative and resilient cities and towns.…

Build America Mutual receiving award at 2016 city summit
Build America Mutual receiving award at 2016 city summit
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NLC calls on Congress and the President to preserve the federal income tax exemption on municipal bonds. Learn more about how municipal bonds help cities modernize our nation’s infrastructure below and join NLC in our efforts to protect the tax…

City buildings
City buildings
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The entire sector of municipal government debt is under $2 trillion according to Census Bureau figures from 2013[1].

Municipal securities are considered to be second only to Treasuries in risk level as an investment instrument…

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Christopher Hoene

For a moment I thought it was April Fool’s Day, not Leap Day.  Why? Former Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser, now with Governing, blogged on February 29 that Stockton, California’s plan to declare default on $2…